Things to Do


Biking Local residents and tourists both enjoy biking in the Seldovia area. Puttering around the area is a good way to get off the beaten track and see more of the town than is likely on foot. Bike rentals are available. If you want to bring your own bike, the Seldovia Bay and State Ferries offer this service.  For the hearty biker, the 15-mile packed gravel road from Seldovia to Jakolof Bay is a great ride. Mountain bikers can continue on from Jakolof Bay out to Red Mountain; a true adventure.

Hiking There are a lot of hiking trails in the Seldovia area. One of the most famous is the beautiful Otterbahn Trail to Outside Beach, named after the Susan B. English School mascot, the Seldovia Sea Otters.

You can also hike to the Upper Reservoir and the Rocky Ridge Trail, to Red Mountain, Graduation Peak, and many other sites. 

A program of guided hikes is available during the summer.



Kayaking – Seldovia Bay and the coastlines of Kachemak Bay provide a beautiful setting for the kayaker (amateur to advanced). 
 Rent a sea kayak in Seldovia.  Training and guides are available and in the summer, 5-6 hour tours of the area are available, depending on the weather.




Picnics – Almost nothing stops a good picnic in Seldovia! Sunshine, rain, fog, and snow are all just part of daily Alaskan life. A pavilion, picnic tables, parking and public restrooms are available at Outside Beach.


Sightseeing – There is a lifetime of adventures and photo opportunities in the Seldovia area. Every season has it’s own flavor and beauty  
• Spring – rain and flowers, eagles hunt the salmon runs 
 • Summer – festivals, fishing, boating, berry laden bushes, sun, sun, sun
  • Fall – world class colors, critters stocking up for winter.

Beachcombing Outside Beach and many other areas are great locations to look for treasures that have washed in from the Gulf of Alaska (particularly after a big storm). There is an abundance of shells, driftwood, tide pools, and unusual rocks. If you’re an avid beachcomber, charter a boat and scavenge some of the remote beaches of Kachemak Bay.






Berry Picking – There’s nothing so flavorful as the jams and jellies made with Seldovia’s wild berries. Wild blueberries, salmonberries and high bush cranberries grow in Seldovia in abundance, though always dependant on the growing season. Other berries such as trailing raspberries and cloudberries are sparser, but are available. If you come here to pick berries on the privately held lands in the area, you will need permission to do so. Permits are easily obtained from Seldovia Village Tribe.




Bird & Critter Watching – Bring your binoculars and bring your camera!  The Seldovia area has a resident population of approximately 50 Bald Eagles and they are nothing short of amazing to watch (especially during a salmon run up the slough). There are countless places to observe a wide variety of other birds and animals. Look for stellar jays, pine siskins, crows, various species of ducks, magpies, blue herons, seagulls, ravens, otters, seals, whales, moose, black bear, thousands of fish, and much, much more.









Camping and RVs – Tent camping is available at Outside Beach and there is a beautiful RV park overlooking Kachemak Bay.  The required camping permits are available from the City of Seldovia offices and the Harbormaster.


Fishing – Is there life after Seldovia? Not if you’ve fished her waters!  There are Halibut, Chinook Salmon (Kings) year-round, Coho Salmon (Silvers), Sockeye Salmon (Reds), Humpy Salmon (Pinks), Chum Salmon (Dogs), Dolly Varden, Cod, Black Bass, Shark, Skate, . . . even Irish Lords.   Access can be gained to fishing grounds by privatefishing, bicycling, Seldovia, adventure or commercial boat, engine powered or human powered, and also along the coastlines of the area.  Seldovia boasts a unique King Salmon fishery in mid-May through mid-June up the Seldovia Slough.  Hopeful fisherman can get a hook in the water from the town bridge.


Annual Events – Seldovia hosts the following annual events:

Human Powered Fishing Derby (Memorial Day Weekend)

Summer Solstice Festival (Summer Solstice)

4th of July Hometown Festival (Independence Day)

Guitar Masters Concert and Chainsaw Carving Competition (Labor Day Weekend)