Another Year Another Miracle

Posted on: April 24th, 2011 by Peggy Keesecker No Comments

Well it’s happening.  Spring has definitely sprung and summer is on the way.   We live for this time of year in Seldovia, it’s why we live here.  There is suddenly lots of activity on the streets of Seldovia, the boat ramp is busy with people coming and going, and the small boat harbor is starting to fill up with boats as one by one they take their place in their slips.  Now when the ferry comes to Seldovia, we wait expectantly to see who is returning home for the summer.

This last week the Rainbow Connection cruised into Seldovia with a load of school kids, the activity on the boat ramp was happy and I could feel that sense of expectation again. The City broke out the street sweeper and began the process of cleaning up after an icy winter.  The Kachemak Voyager cruised into town with the new crew in preparation for service beginning May 1.

Suzie is transplanting and caring for the seedlings she started in March for her new shop opening in May, Thyme on the Boardwalk. Watching those seeds sprout and grow is just another one of the little miracles that I look forward to.  I start dreaming about planting in my garden in front of the house and wonder what she will grow that I can show off in my garden.

It won’t be long now and town will be open for business again.  It’s been another year and the miracle of summer in Seldovia is on it way.



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